The Smity Wizard is a tribute to Tony Rizzo's Rizzo Wiz. Tony Rizzo, a fellow fresh water fishing hall of fame guide, is a famous Northwood's guide from Star Lake, WI. Rizzo owned and operated the Silver Musky resort in Star Lake and was a musky guide in the area for over 60 years. During his career as a guide he boated over 4,000 muskies and caught many line class record fish. He wrote eight books and hundreds of articles for fishing/outdoor magazines, and developed a number of musky baits, most notably the Rizzo Wiz. Rizzo passed away in September of 2018. In December of 2019, Russ and Jake Smith were presented with the opportunity to purchase the Rizzo Wiz bait and original components from the Rizzo family. 

Today, the Smity Wizard baits are constructed with Tony's original components that fisherman know and love. The Smith family feels honored to be able to continue the work of a legend guide.

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