So many choices... which one is best for me?

Twin file is the simplest to use, just put the hook in the grove slide the file a couple times and it puts the perfect cone shaped point.  Great for rusted hooks, hooks that hit rocks/stumps while fishing and even brand new hooks that have a coating on them. Available in the original and diamond coat in both medium and large sizes. The new Diamond file gets them sharp with even less effort, the file will last longer and resistant to rust.

Many anglers prefer the flat file which is used to make a triangular point on the hook, which cuts more like a knife will penetrating these bone mouthed fish. We now have a rust resistant flat which will last many seasons even for the hard core angler.

Either method you choose, keeping your hooks "Smity sharp" will add fish to your boat. Smity always says it could be the difference between a strike and a catch.

Fun fact: Did you know Smity torches the hook sharpener handles himself? 

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